B. Wright Pours Out In A Big Way On His New Mixtape "Splash Music"

B. Wright starts off with a statement setting the record straight about what it means to come through splashing. Living in the confidence of Christ on "Wit da Splash". Painting a dope picture on biblical application in "Break It Down". A surprising rendition of a true classic in the gospel music genre, P.I.W.I.D blending that classic with southern sounds. A track full of worship and reverence. B. Wright then takes a more personal route on "Happy", a truly uplifting track with an all around feel good vibe. Directly afterwards a synthesizing melody followed by the infamous "Dat Me" signature from the producer known as Mouse (Trill Ent). B. Wright goes off in his first verse in full story telling mode and honestly drops what I would like to call an anthem on "Fathers Business". "Splash Music" with its SWV sample, perfectly describes what the term "Splash Music" is really all about and conceptually gives you the sense of the message that B is delivering to the listener. B. Wright’s declaration in "Cant Break Me" encourages you to stand no matter what. On the track "Listen" you can tell B.W not only had a great time with a different style that works, but was serious in encouraging believers to stand up and to keep it solid when it comes to following Jesus. The reality of "Clean" is refreshing in a genre well most seem to shun honesty and relativity. You can tell this came from a real place and it immediately hits a real place of those who are honest in their walk. 

Pay Attention is B. Wright giving wisdom to those with hearing ears. It sounds like a modern day version of Proverbs the Baton Rouge edition. How It Gotta Be, B. Wright channels Tupac in this 90’s feel type beat. Game Time is an ode to Baton Rouge while riding a classic Baton Rouge Webbie track. B. Wright takes it to NOLA with the song, “Like Da 504”. This track should have the NOLA jumping in a second line while praising God. U Kno brings it back up to Baton Rouge and keep us there. Checkin’ Out, stands out and will have the listener jiggin’… Okay, I’m Free which has a Zydeco feel, Rev. 3:15 -16 and Vision closes out this 21 – track album and displays a more mature B. Wright who knows who he is in Christ, and is at a place of clarity and freedom.


There’s a lot to take in with Splash Music’s 21 tracks. They give listeners a lot to take in, in an era where 7 track albums is the new standards. B. Wright’s voice, wisdom and maturity gleams on every song. Ultimately, the Legend doesn’t disappoint with this new mixtape, with his lyrical growth and spiritual growth being displayed.

Go and check out B.Wright’s “Splash Music”. Below are links where this mixtape can be purchased. Support Kingdom




- Writers Keion Givens & Ewell Netter