Rapture Ready Revamp

Hey fam! I know it has been a second since we last posted, but RRP has been busy working and we are finally ready to start showing the fruits of that labor. Coming into the new year we made our vision clear and precise. That vision is save souls through Jesus Christ by the gifts he has given us.

So we begin to embark on a new project entitled "No Vacancies"! This work began in January and as of Monday June 20th The album is now in online stores in almost every major online retailer(iTunes,Play,Amazon,Spotify). Although the album is a great accomplishment , we still feel like we need to push further.

Jeremy Duncan Album Release.jpg

So we gave our website a fresh coat of paint and a cleaner and more flatter look for mobile. We added a few small touches for the album release as well as an online store to purchase music and other past albums. We also added a Raptue Ready Apparel store where you can purchase all types of apparel and accessories. Even with all that, we still want to take things a step further.

So announcing today, we are now officially starting a weekly podcast where we will dig deep into culture and what's going on in the world from a urban Christian point of view. It's going to be epic!! We have other rapture ready friends and family on to discuss topics and get go behind the scenes on what's going on with us. We also will be uploading new videos to our YouTube page starting July 27th with various content and behind the scenes things as we still have allot cooking in the background.

As stated in title, rapture ready is in revamp mode. We want the gospel to be preached across this world and we want real dicilples of Jesus Christ to rise up and be accounted for . We are in the last days and it is time for us to become Rapture Ready ! 

Love you with the Love of the Lord!

Jeremy Duncan


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